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Prof. Xiaojin Zhang & Prof. Yuejin Jing Presented at “Memorial Meeting for Mr. Zhenglai Deng”

On Feb 24, 2013, former editorial members of both China Social Science Quarterly and China Book Review gathered at Renmin University of China and held a memorial meeting for Mr. Zhenglai Deng, former editor-in-chief of both academic journals. Established professors such as Xinning Song, Xiaojin Zhang, Yuejin Jing, Jing Zhang, Su Lin, Nong Cheng, Xinxin Chang, Zheping Xie, Xiaoxuan Ding, and Xiaoguang Wu as well as Mr. Deng’s acquainted friends such as Lantian Yin, Jian Li, and Junwu Lu took part in this affair.

As members of the editorial board of both important journals, Professors Zhang and Jing recalled stories and experiences they had when they worked with Mr. Deng in editing and publishing the abovementioned journals. Besides these two professors, other participants of the memorial meeting all thought highly of Mr. Deng’s excellent coordination ability, insightful academic views, and great academic ambitions, which made his passing away one of the biggest lost of the entire Chinese academic community.