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    Department of Political Science was formally established in 1926, which was then one of the core departments at the transition from Tsinghua School to Tsinghua University, and the key targeting department for development in 1928 when Tsinghua Unviersity was acknowledged as National University. As one of the earliest teaching and research institutional organization, the Department has ranked among the best in developing research and training in China’s political science and has always been home to some of the world's foremost political scientists.

    In the era of Reform and Openning, Tsinghua University started the process of building up a comprehensive, research and open university, the Department of Political Science resumed its establishment in 2000. The Department has experienced complete reorganization in 2009, and all along emphasized the creation of cutting-edge academic structure and high quality faculty staff. During this process, the Department has been holding the principle of Chinese feeling, global vision and scientific methods, and following the concept of combination of both antient and modern, China and foreign, science and humanity, integration and innovation. Maintaining all these academic tradition of Tsinghua University, the Department resolves to bring back its brilliant history and rank it among the best nationwide and prestigious worldwide.

    The nucleus of a Political Science faculty has already been formed in the Department up to now, which include 3 full professors, 2 associate professors and 3 lecturers. Focusing on strong academic experience in research, teaching and international communication, our department also extended its coverage of recruiting some world-reputed professors and researchers as part-times.

    While preserving its strengths in the research areas of Politcal Theory & Methodology and History of Political Thoughts, the Department has more recently grown in three main directions: Chinese Government and Politics, Comparative Politics and Methodology in Political Science.

    Having been authorized to enroll postdoctoral researchers in fields of Political Transition Studies and Quantitative Analysis, the Department also offers an undergraduate program, a Master's degree as well as the Ph.D in Political Science. Among them, the undergraduate program adopts the new credit system, in which the first and second year emphasize only the General Education module until the third year of university life.

    The net result of these developments is broadly based the Department that nevertheless retains the features that have given it distinctiveness and strength within the discipline: high-quality education on scientific methodology and policy thinking; excellent infusion of historical experience and political wisdom; orientation toward scientific methodology and policy thinking; and development of the ablility to reflect values and political theories.


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